5 The Great Health Benefits of Apples which Make Some People Eat It Every day

Health Benefits of Apples
What kind of an eye-catching fruit commonly see in a bowl of fruit salad? You might say apple. Yes! Apple is a popular fruit among people who start a healthy life. This is due to the health benefits of apples. If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, you must know the benefits of consuming an apple.

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1. Improve the Performance of Body Metabolism
Apple is a nutritious fruit along with a variety of essential compounds. Those important nutrients are including calories, carbs, fiber, vitamins, potassium, and many more. Your body needs those nutrients to improve the performance of its metabolism. A person with a great metabolism system is healthier than a person with low performance of metabolism system. Eating apples fulfill the need of nutrients for a healthier life.

2. Good for Weight Loss Program
Apple is the most popular fruit in a bowl of fruit salad. Even, dieters often bring an apple and eat it anytime they feel hungry. The main reason is that a piece of apple can make you full longer. It is better to consume a piece of apple to get the maximal result than consume any other products such as apple juice, apple sauce, apple pie, and many more. The secret is the fiber level in an apple. It helps to slow your digestion system and it keeps your stomach feel full longer. After a few weeks, you will be lost your weight.

3. Good Therapy for Heart
You have to eat an apple to keep your heart health. This is because one of the health benefits of apples is giving soluble fiber supply to your body including your heart. The soluble fiber works well to reduce your blood cholesterol level. The polyphenols are also useful to trigger antioxidant in your body. As the result, you will have a stronger immune system and it helps to fight against a variety of diseases including heart diseases. It is better to an eat apple with its peel because this is the location of polyphenols and one of them is the flavonoid epicatechin. This type of polyphenol helps to lower your blood pressure. You can also reduce the risk of stroke because of the flavonoids in an apple.

4. Prevent Diabetes
For those who want to have a low risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes, you can eat apple regularly. You just need to eat a medium size apple a day to lower the risk of diabetes. If it is impossible to eat this fruit every day, you can eat it a few apples per week. Apple contains polyphenols and it helps to protect your tissue and beta cells in the pancreas. Beta cells have an important role to produce insulin and if it is damaged, you are suffered from type 2 diabetes.

5. Protect Small Intestine
This fruit also protects your small intestine because it produces prebiotic. Prebiotic is a healthy food for bacteria in your gut. The fiber goes to the colon during digestion and it triggers good bacteria to keep you healthy.

So, this is the time time to prepare the fruit after you know the health benefits of apples in your refrigerator. Just bring an apple anywhere you want so you can eat it in your snacking time. Indeed, it is a healthy snack.

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