3 Amazing Health Benefits of Blueberries

Health Benefits of Blueberries
Blueberry is a common fruit used in many foods, for example, pie, birthday cake and many more. Maybe, you also eat it every day as a snack. It looks ordinary fruits. However, do you know that there are amazing Health benefits of Blueberries? Here are some of those benefits you need to know.

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# Low Calories and High Nutrients

Blueberry is one of the berry type fruits, like cranberries and huckleberries. However, among many type of berries, blueberry is considered to be the berry type that has very high nutrition and very low calories. For 1-cup (148 grams) of blueberries, you can get:
  1. Fiber (4 grams),
  2. Vitamin C (24% of Reference Daily Intake (RDI))
  3. Vitamin K (36% of RDI)
  4. Manganese (25% of RDI)
  5. And other nutrients
Blueberries only have 84 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrate. Therefore, this is the perfect choice, if want to have a healthy snack, and here are 3 Health Benefits of Blueberries:

1. Best Antioxidant

In this modern era, people can easily be exposed by free radical, especially if you live in a city where the pollution level is much higher than the suburban area. The worst of all, these free radicals also is known as the cancer agent. So, in the long term, it can cause cancer.

The only protection you can get against free radical is a substance called antioxidant. Blueberries have a lot of this substance. Moreover, the antioxidants type in blueberries is called flavonoids, which is one of the strongest antioxidants you can find.

That’s not all. Blueberry is also known as the fruits that have the highest antioxidant level on Earth. So, put it in your meal menu, will definitely give you the best health benefits.

2. Anti Aging Effects

The antioxidant in blueberries also reduces the DNA damage that occurs in your body. The DNA damage occurs naturally and it made us grow older. The free radicals accelerate this process, so it’s not surprising if people that live in the high free radical level looks like 10 years older. The antioxidant in blueberries can slow down the DNA damage process. So, it also makes us looks younger for a longer period of time.

This effect has been proved by one study, where 168 subjects involved in it. The subject drinks 34 ounces of blueberry and applies juice every day. And, after four weeks, the researcher found that there was a 20% reduction on the DNA damage process that is caused by free radicals.

3. Anti-Diabetes Effects

In blueberry, you can find a substance called anthocyanins. And, one cup of blueberries (148 grams) holds around 15 grams of sugars. This is a lot of sugar, actually. However, the anthocyanins have a good effect in controlling the insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. Therefore, it also lowers the risk to get type 2 diabetes.

Those are several Health benefits of Blueberries you need to know. Actually, there are many more. Therefore, it’s a good thing, if you have been eating blueberries for a long time. But, if you haven’t done that, you can start now. It’s not too late to start living healthily.

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