Some Health Benefits of Lemons We Need to Know

Health Benefits of Lemons
In daily life, we often use lemons as a remedy and as additions to the foods and drinks we consume. The lemon from Citrus lemon genus surely has health benefits.

# The facts about lemons

Many of you may not know about the facts about lemons. If you are concerned about your health, it is great to try to know them well since there are health benefits of lemons.
  1. Lemons are the hybrid of citron and sour orange.
  2. Definitely, lemons taste very sour and contain lots of Vitamin C.
  3. Its high acidity makes lemons great for cleaning.
  4. There are many types of lemons but the common ones are Eureka, Lisbon, and Meyer.
  5. Lemon trees which are originally from Asia can produce more than three hundred kilos of lemons per year.
  6. People can use their leaves to make tea.
Vitamin C which has lots of benefits surely is good for your health. Inside lemons, there is a high content of Vitamins C, fiber, and other plant compounds. All are great nutrients for our body. Lemons can help improve digestive health and heart health. Those having problems with weight can benefit from lemons as well.

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# The benefits of lemons for health
  1. Soluble fiber and little sugars in lemons are carbohydrates in lemons. One of the fibers—pectin the main one, links to various health benefits. Soluble fiber can help slow sugar and starch digestions. It also can improve gut health. Of course, those two give positive impacts like reducing the level of blood sugar. However, you should consume the pulps of lemons for digestive health. Otherwise, you get no benefits from the fiber.
  2. Those who consume at least a lemon—the source of Vitamin C every day will have great health of heart being able to prevent them from the risks of stroke and other heart diseases. The fiber and other compounds inside lemons are also significant in helping to reduce the risks of heart diseases. Hesperidin and Diosmin, two of compounds in lemons are great in lowering cholesterol.
  3. Another thing about the health benefits of lemons is they can help us control our weight. When you consume a lemon, you’ll also eat the soluble fiber called pectin inside. Pectin will expand in the stomach making you feel full for a long time. However, you need to eat lemons whole and not lemon juice. Lemon juice doesn’t contain pectin. Some people say that lemon plant may help lose weight. Some also say that if we drink hot water and lemon, we will lose weight. However, the fact that water can increase the calories we burn may be the reason to lose weight and not the lemon itself.
  4. Lemons also contain plant chemicals which are believed to prevent cancers in animals. For beating cancers in humans, researchers need more time to do the research.
  5. Lemons may help prevent kidney stones since its citric acid can increase urine pH, improve urine volume, and help improve the formation of kidney stone.
Besides the health benefits that many of them are still in the process of research, the Vitamin C and other contents in lemons are indeed beneficial to our health including helping absorb iron—the non-heme iron from plants which is good to deal with anemia. Hopefully, the article about the health benefits of lemons can give you enough health information.

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