8 Health Benefits of Consuming Oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges
Health benefits of oranges are a lot. This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant that can increase and improve the immune system of the body. Oranges are also helpful in against flu and infections. Oranges also contain phytochemicals that can fight against cancer-causing agents. Are you curious about other health benefits of this fruit? Below are the other benefits.

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1. Relieving Constipation
Oranges are a good source of soluble fibers and insoluble fibers. The fibers contained in this fruit are helpful in getting feces out of the body so that it prevents irritable colon syndrome. Oranges also stimulate the production of digestive fluids and improve the digestive system.

2. Controlling Blood Pressure
Besides rich in Vitamin C, oranges are also rich in magnesium. This fruit nutrition content is the one that will control blood pressure. Flavonoids called hesperidin that is naturally contained in oranges can also make the blood pressure stable and controlled.

3. Preventing Cancer
Oranges are a powerful antioxidant and immune enhancing agents. This fruit contains limonene that acts as a cancer inhibitor. This content is able to detect cancer cells and destroy them. Consuming oranges regularly can help to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

4. Protect the Body from Heart Diseases
The antioxidants contained in oranges can fight against free radicals and help to prevent cholesterol oxidation. Cholesterol oxidation tends to stick in the inside of the artery and limit the blood supply to the heart as well as trigger a heart attack. Antioxidants neutralize these effects of free radicals and protect the heart from any heart diseases.

5. Preventing Kidney Illnesses
A study has found a fact that when people regularly consuming oranges or orange juices, it can help to prevent kidney stones in the body. It is because oranges can reduce the excess citrate in the urine as well as reduce the acidity level. Moreover, oranges are also able to decrease the level of sugar in the body well.

6. Strengthening Bones
Oranges are also known to have high Vitamin D and calcium. These 2 nutrients are very beneficial for the bones. It can strengthen the structure of bones so that it is not prone to fractures and osteoporosis. Oranges also contain ascorbic acids that can help calcium absorption better.

7. Cleaning the Blood
Flavonoid contained in oranges is able to help the liver to get toxins out of the body. While Vitamin C increases the production of collagen. So that it makes skins look more elastic and reduce the signs of aging. The fibers in oranges make you feel full for a longer time and getting rid of unwanted substances.

8. Preventing Asthma
Regularly consuming oranges is able to decrease the frequency of asthma. Its anti-inflammation property can also help to relieve airway inflammation. Oranges also neutralize oxidation damage caused by free radicals which can result in increased inflammation and asthma. The flavonoids in oranges reduce bronchial sensitivity as well. So that for you who have this illness, you are suggested to consume this fruit regularly. Those are the health benefits of oranges.

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