Health Benefits of Peaches That You Should Know

Health Benefits of Peaches
Do you like peaches? You have chosen good fruit to eat. Peach isn’t only delicious. But, you also can find plenty of Health benefits of Peaches. Do you want to know more? Below, we have an explanation about the health benefit you can get from this fruit.

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# It Has Lot of Nutrients

Here is what you can get from 5.4 ounces or 150 grams of peach:
  1. Fiber (2 grams)
  2. Carbohydrate (14 grams)
  3. Fat (less than 1 gram)
  4. Protein (1 gram)
  5. 58 calories
It also has all kinds of Vitamin, such as Vitamin C (17% of the Daily Value (DV)), Vitamin A (10% of the DV), Vitamin E (5% of the DV), and Vitamin K (5% of the DV). Moreover, you also can find mineral and other useful substance in it, such as Potassium (8% of the DV), Niacin (6% of the DV), Copper (5% of the DV), and Manganese (5% of the DV).

# Health Benefits of Peaches:

1. Protection against Free Radical

Peaches also have a lot of antioxidants. The best of all, the antioxidant effect work really fast. You can feel the difference just 30 minutes after you eat it. In order to get these benefits, it would be better, if you eat it in a less-processed form. So, eat it fresh and raw is much better, because, in this condition, peaches have the highest concentration of antioxidants that will protect you from free radical negative effects.

2. Help the Digest System

As mentioned above, peaches contain a lot of fiber. You can get around 2 grams of fiber from medium-sized peach. This fiber can improve your digest system. Moreover, it also can prevent and lower the risk of disease that usually attacks your digest system, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s diseases and many more.

It is not only the fruits. However, the peach flower also has a health effect on digestion. According to the study, the flower can improve your digestive system performance. It will be able to move the food smoothly, so you won’t have a digestive problem, such as constipation.

3. It’s good for Heart

The main cause of heart problem is high-level cholesterol. Peaches have the ability to bind the bile acids. Bile acid itself is a compound that comes from the cholesterol that was absorbed by your body and produced in the liver. So, with binding this compound, plus the cholesterol inside it, it will lower the cholesterol level inside your body. Therefore, the risk of heart problem will be also lowered.

# Conclusion

The good thing about peaches is you can easily find it almost anywhere. So, you won’t have a problem to include it in your daily meal. Moreover, you can cook it in many different ways. You can bake it, broil it, and use it as one of the ingredients and many more. Of course, we would recommend you to eat it raw. It will have more nutrients and antioxidant than if you cook it before eat it. And, you will get all Health benefits of Peaches from that method.

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