4 Good Health Benefits of Strawberries

health benefits of strawberries
Strawberry is one of the most popular fruit plants in the world. This small fruit contains many health benefits despite the sour taste. It has many health benefits of strawberries that you should know. Before recognizing strawberry benefits, you need to know the content of this fruit.

The Content of Strawberries

There are some benefits of strawberries that you should know.

# Vitamin C
The content of vitamin C in this strawberry is much more than one fruit of orange because it gives 94 milligrams of vitamin C or 1,5 of the daily vitamin C need. There are many benefits of consuming vitamin C such as keeping the gum and teeth health, curing the wound, and increasing a body immune system.

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# Kalori
Eight strawberries only contain 50 calories and no cholesterol or LDL fatty acid. In the same amount, strawberries give 30 micrograms of folate acid. The number of strawberries is equal to 7.5 percent of daily folate acid for pregnant women.

# Antioxidant
In a study, strawberries seed the highest rank of antioxidant content. An antioxidant is an important compound protecting cells from the damage due to the causing factors of cancer. Antioxidant works to prevent or disturb a process directing to the cancer cell formation. In addition, an antioxidant in the strawberry is able to give protection to the liver and become an anti-inflammatory substance. It also contains protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium,  potassium, selenium, and vitamin A in strawberries.

Benefits of Strawberries

After you know the contents of strawberries nutrition, it is time to reveal the health benefits of strawberries.

1. Making Your Teeth White
Malat acid contained in strawberries acts to be a compound removing the stain on the teeth surface. By chewing strawberry every day, it is helpful to make your teeth white and reduce mouth bad smell.

2. Preventing Cancer
The content of vitamin A, C, and E in strawberries works collaboratively with ellagic acid functioning to fight for cancer cells in the body. Strawberries are trusted to prevent leukemia. It is one of the dead cancer types and strawberries are trusted to avoid the appearance of blood cancer. The high antioxidant content will protect your body from the cancer attack. The content of the antioxidant in strawberries stay higher though it has been processed into juice or jam.  Ellagic acid and quercetin compound in the strawberry can hamper the growth of prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, and liver cancer.

3. Getting Rid of Acne
The health benefits of strawberries are related to skin health. It is able to reduce acne. The content of sales at acid in the strawberries have benefits to cure acne naturally.

4. Making Your Skin Soft and Gentle
Strawberries are able to remove dead skin cells. The ways are using a strawberry to be bathing scrub. To get more benefits, you can mix chopped strawberries with milk and olive oil. It makes your skin brighter and whiter. Those are some health benefits of strawberries that you should know. Try to eat strawberries once a day to get its benefits for your health.

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